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Inovachemical to make your life better Sharp Chemical produces Sealants,
Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellents.
Sharp Chemical mainly produces and sells sealants, adhesives and water repellents, but also sells the constructional related products, exports and imports products.

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Featured Products

  • Sharpie Roof Caulk NB-Q
    Sharpie Roof Caulk NB-Q
    Good adhesion with fluoriante polymer contented paint. Primer-less. Excellent w...
  • Elastic Bond PP Seal
    Elastic Bond PP Seal
    Good adhesion against polypropylene.Good adhesion against plastic materials.High...
  • Lumber Repair Caulk NB
    Lumber Repair Caulk NB
    Repairing log houses or wooden decks.Durable and strong.Elasticity suitable for ...
  • Elastic Bond MS Plus
    Elastic Bond MS Plus
    Single-component adhesive that can be directly appliedZero contained solvent or ...
  • Polyca Seal
    Polyca Seal
    No solvent cracks when using plastics due to being an alcohol curing typeFirst d...
  • SHARPIE Transparent M type NB
    SHARPIE Transparent M type NB
    Non-Bleed Transparent MS sealant.This product has excellent paintability. Becaus...