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Housing, Civil Engineering, and Construction

Sharp Chemical produces and provides sealants, industrial adhesives, waterproofing materials, and specially designed tools primarily used in construction sites. These products are used to fill the joint and cracks of wall plates in residential
and commercial buildings, to waterproof foundations, to install roofs, and fasten polycarbonate plates.
Sealants are used to fill joint and building cracks for weathertightness.
Waterproofing materials are used on roofs and balconies to protect buildings from rainfall.
Elastic adhesives are used to fasten panels and stones as well as to fasten natural rubber and leather products. The criteria for our products vary depending on use and construction site (for example UV radiation resistance for glazing joints or water resistance for bathroom sealants). Please use the suitable products for your needs.

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Joints Non Paintetable
PCa boards
ALC Boards
RC Boards
Ceramic Sidings
Curtain Wall
PCa boards
ALC Boards
RC Boards
Ceramic Sidings
Cracks of Outer Walls and Mortar Non Paintetable
Roofs and Balconies Tiles
PVC Steels, Color Steels of Roofs
Waterproof Treatment
Polycarbonate Roofs of Garages
Glass Sash Glass Attachment to the Window Frames
Sash Surroundings
Others Joints of 2×4 Housing Concrete Panels
Waterproof and Adhesion for Electric Covers
Water Facilities Installation and Reparation of Bathtubs and Skins
Sealing Pumping Pipes
Sealants for Mirrors
Interior Design Interior Cloth
Interior Joints
Duct Joints
Sealing Emergency Guides and Exits
Treatment of Tarpaulins
Waterproof Treatment of the Basis of Coatings

Water proofing material

Waterproof Treatment of Roofs and Balconies

Adhesives,Elastic Adhesives

Adhesion of Leather
Adhesion of Stones and Panels
Adhesion of Decorative Panels
Reparation Cracks of Intensity Required Concrete
Reparation of Automobiles, Seal and Adhesion of Metals