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Pouch Series

SK Pouch Series

Sharp Chemical not only produces sealants and adhesives, but also accept orders of filling paints, grease (lubricant), etc. into SK pouches under your company name.

  • SK Pouch Series keeps your hands and equipment clean, making for a better construction experience.
  • Operation can be temporarily paused and resumed at the worker's will. It doubles as a temporary storage space.
  • The SK pouches are safer to use on roofs than cartridges because they do not roll when dropped or placed on the floor.
  • SK Pouches are smaller than cartridges, saving space.
  • SK Pouches store products better than cartridges.
  • Because the SK Pouch specially designed guns can be fixed by part, they are tools that last a lifetime.

Pouch System Products

Pouch Pro Gun

The caulking gun for SK Pouch. Sausage type and Cartridge can also be loaded. Extrusion is stable and smooth, hard to break, and lasting longer.

The Specialties of SK Pouch Series
  • With a 12:1 trigger ratio, these specially designed guns are easy to use
  • The transparent cylinder is made of a special polycarbonate build for durability. It allows for ease of checking how much is left.
  • The film is hard to pierce.
  • The shape of the gun is designed for ergonomics.
  • In addition to Pouches, these specially designed guns can be used for Sausages and Cartridges
  • The ergonomic design helps to relieve worker fatigue

The Patents of the Pouch System

The Awards of the Pouch System

  • Sakai Frontier Certificate

  • Environmental Technology Assessment


  • Osaka Outstanding Manufacture 2008

  • Sakai Environmental Challenge Company Certification