Sharp Chemical produces Sealants, Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellent . Our clients are from DIY users to professionals.

Information Recruitment  Urgent Demand
We are looking for salespeople and technicians, in order to expand the business. Compared to the normal jobs in big corporations, we look for people who want to obtain huge success and development in the future. To apply, please contact us by Emai. Please also contact us with any concerns.
Salesperson Recruitment
Education Background College Graduated and Above
Age No Requirement
Relocation Osaka or Tokyo Office
(or the offices in the other cities)
Requirements With a Regular Driver's License
Active and Seeking New Knowledge
Job Description Explain the products to the customers, manage business regularly and promote sales
Technician Recruitment
Education Background College Graduates and Above with Mechanical and Chemical Degrees
Age No Requirement
Relocation Osaka Headquarter
Requirements With a Regular Driver's License
Very Curious
Job Description Develop New Processes
Monitor Product Qualities
Insurance and Other Benefits
Insurance Package Employment, Worker Compensation, Health, Welfare, Properties, Retirement Plan
Retirement Plan Yes
Retirement Age 60 years old
Company Housing
Not available for singles
Provided for families (currently not available in Osaka and Tokyo))
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays. Obon and New Year's Day
Weekends Off Weekend 2 Days Off
Other Allowances Family Dependent Allowance, Perfect Attendance Allowance, Qualification Allowance, Travel Allowance, Overtime Pay, Awards for Suggestions
Salaries 2011/Entrance Level Salary: 200,000 yen.
Promotion: annually. Bonus: semi-annually
Application Process & Required Documents
Resume (with picture)
University Transcript
Diploma (only for new college graduates)
Health Document
Please contact us to be considered
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