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Instructions on using Bath Sealants

Clean the area to be sealed—make sure the area is dry
Gather the Materials
Gather the necessary materials: spatulas, masking tape, tissues. Bath sealant can be extracted by hand so no need for a caulking gun. The caulking gun is however recommended should your hands get tired (in case you are dealing with a large amount of Bath Sealant).
Opening the Product
Exerting minimal pressure on the pouch, puncture the film with a the nozzle or a sharp object such as scissors.
Masking Tape
Stick masking tape on areas you do not want the sealant to touch.
Stick the masking tape on both sides of the joint.
Cut the Nozzle
Cut the nozzle size to match the joint size
Use both hands to push on the pouch and fill the joint smoothly
Your hands may experience fatigue, but it is important to apply the same pressure throughout the entire process.
For better adhesion performance, use a spatula to evenly spread out the sealant
Keep it up
Keep tooling the sealant, apply more pressure faster and faster
Finishing Steps
Peel off the masking tape. If your hands touched the caulk, wash off or wipe off immediately. If you wear contact lenses, do not touch them with your hands for a while.
Leave to dry
Even though the sealant's surface will dry in twenty minutes, please leave the entire sealant to dry for another half a day for the sealant to adjust to the joint’s movements. These are the steps to applying a Bath Sealant.