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Post-Earthquake Procedures

If the roof is broken, it is common to overlap tarpaulin to cover the exposed areas. Some people use duct tapes to tape the tarpaulin together, but the tape is prone to failure due to movement with tarpaulin or weathering mainly from rain.
For these situations, using butyl sealants can close the gaps between overlapped tarpaulin sheets.
Crack Reparations
When repairing wall cracks, no matter interior or exterior, do not use silicone. It often results in difficulties with painting and installing wallpapers. Modified Silicone, Urethane, Acrylic, Oil-based Caulking are recommended.
Note that the Alcohol Series will shrink—they are not recommended for wall cracks. 
Furthermore, if the steel concrete columns of mansions have cracks, please contact the special reparation companies.
Tile Reparations
When tiles are damaged or have fallen off, reparations are recommended in case of future earthquakes and typhoons.