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Moisture Cure Single Component SealantSharpie Paint Sera NB-Q

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Good adhesion with fluoriante polymer contented paint.
Excellent weatherability and durability and thermal properties.
Low modulus, high elongation, special design for roof construction.
World first Singapore Green Building certificated MS high grade sealant (MA type)
Applicable to various kinds of adherents
(Porous surface requires primer P50.)
Non-Bleed type.
Speedy curing.
Short skin over time leads to efficient construction.
Product Summary
Codes Product No MSC1-20
Usage Joints between panels of ceramic siding and joints around window frames.
Fluorine coated steel plate, color steel plate, etc.
Joints of metal panels, around ducts
Exterior joints of other general buildings 
Package cartridge 
Unit 10 pcs 
Capacity 320ml 
Color white, ivory, gray,
dark brown, black, dark red,
dark blue, dark green, patina,
Light gray