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Moisture Cure Single Component Multi purpose adhesivePita! Peelable glue for suction cups

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A chemically reactive adhesive that has the ability to be easily removed.
Can be peeled off after fully cured.

For enhanced adhesion,it can be used on suction cups that have lost their suction power.
Due to its paste form, it can be applied in various shapes and quantities.
It is suitable for use on uneven surfaces and curved areas.
Once it has cured, it becomes water-resistant, making it suitable for applications around water.

Please take note of the following considerations when using this product:
1. When removing the adhesive, it may come off along with the surface material, such as wallpaper, depending on the material of the surface. We recommend checking in an inconspicuous area, like behind an outlet, before applying. To remove, gently lift the edge of the adhesive and slowly peel it off.

2. Depending on the material of the surface, such as wallpaper or stone, the adhesive may cause discoloration. Please check before applying.

3. This product cures when exposed to moisture in the air, to prevent hardening during storage, ensure the lid is tightly closed to minimize air exposure.Squeeze out the product to the fullest extent before closing.
Product Summary
Codes Product No MSE1-32
Usage This solution is designed to strengthen the adhesion of suction cups.
Effective for restoring the suction power of cups that have lost their effectiveness.
Once fully cured, it can be easily peeled off without leaving any residue.

Package Tube 
Capacity 20g 
Color Transparent