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New Approach in China


Successful new approach in the Chinese market concerning the quality of non-staining properties.

In May 2015,

 Sharpie LM type modified silicone black plus custom made colours

         launched a new project in 宜興市華地集團八百伴mall.

There is over 2,400 square meters of mounted aluminium, stone and double safty glass. Sub-contractors accepted Japaness building technologies, requesting different sealants for different requirements such as weatherability, joint followability and coefficient of expansion from thermal expansion, wind forces, etc. With a long term service life and the 10 year cycle water-proofing check, sealant application is the key topic in this project.

Our company embodies the technology and experience of sealants built over the past generations, providing a vast variety of products with different properties such as joint followability, fatigue resistance, ease of application, joint design, weatherability, masking tape usage, etc.

Sharpie products provides betters, longer lasting solutions.